Jenyne Butterfly
Jenyne Butterfly | US |

Famous around the world as a Pole Dance and aerial artist, Jenyne Butterfly is extremely versatile. She is accomplished on the hoop, silks, hammock, pole, and trapeze. A natural lover of freestyle, she has travelled the globe performing and coaching at some of the best studios. Jenyne has more than 10 years of experience behind her back and a proven track record at Le Reve, the US Pole Dance Federation Championship, and a plethora of workshops.

Felipe Mendoza | CL |

Felipe Mendoza, a Jazz lover and an impeccable Pole Dance judge. He began his Pole journey in 2012 and has won numerous championships not only in South America but also at international stages. His main influence has been the smooth rhythm of Jazz. He took the first place at the 2015’s World Pole Sport Championship, in London. Pole World News gave Felipe the “Artist of the Year” award for his breathtaking overall performance quality and stage presence.

Yvonne Smink | NL |

Yvonne Smink began her Pole Dance journey in 2011, following amazing years in wall climbing. She is not a stranger to physical challenges, which have influenced her style. Other inspirations are the Chinese pole and breakdancing. Her performances are breathtaking, filled with power moves and amazing flips. She successfully defended her title at the Dutch Pole Champion 2014 and reached the final of the Dutch TV show “Everybody Dance Now”. Nowadays, Yvonne is a proud owner of a Pole Dance school and teaches the art to men, women, and children.

Anna Gubareva | RU |

Anna was drawn into enthusiast Pole Dance in 2008, and accompanied by a powerful inspiration, opened the first Pole Dance studio in Cyprus, Studio MooN. Several successful years later, Anna gave life to the one of the biggest International, and the only one in Cyprus, PoleArt Competition. Her commitment did not end there as she attended a number of competitions in Europe and Russia with the aim to promote and increase the exposure of this beautiful yet challenging sport. Anna is responsible for the increase in fame and acceptance of Pole Dance across the Globe and on the Island.