1. Organizers

Organizer of the PoleArt Cyprus 2016 - international Pole Dance Competition (named further as Competition) is a project of Dance Studio MooN (Pole Dance LTD, Limassol, Cyprus) Dance Studio MooN (named further as Organizer)

2. Date & Location

The Competition will take place on:

  • Rehearsal - October 25th, 2016
  • Competition by category - 26th and 27th of October 2016 (time and details will be announced later on via Facebook and www.poleart.com)
  • Gala Show - October 28th, 2016
  • Location - Monte Caputo, Amathous Avenue, Limassol, Cyprus (www.montecaputo.com.cy)
3. Rounds & Categories

The Competition is made out of one round, and is divided into 6 categories:
(Choreography and pole tricks should be 50/50 in a performance)

Stars Category (Women)
  • 1. Pole dancing for 4+ years
  • 2. If you are an instructor
  • 3. If you have previously won any professional competitions
Professional Category (Men)
  • 1. Pole dancing for 3+ years
  • 2. If you are an instructor
  • 3. If you have previously attended or won any professional competitions
Professional Category (Women)
  • 1. Pole dancing for 3+ years
  • 2. If you are an instructor
  • 3. If you have previously attended or won any professional competitions
Semi-Professional Category (Women)
  • 1. Pole dancing for 2+ years
  • 2. If you are an instructor
  • 3. If you have attended competitions
Amateur Category (Women)
  • 1. Pole dancing for 1+ years
  • 2. Must not be an instructor
  • 3. If you have attended competitions
Duets Category
  • 1. Pole dancing for 3+ years
  • 2. If you are an instructor
  • 3. If you have previously attended or won any professional competitions
  • 4. The Duets Category pair may be represented with the contestants of any gender.
Junior Category
  • 1. Children of ages from 6 to 17 can participate in this category.
4. Nominations & Prizes
Category 1st place 2nd place 3rd place
Stars (Women) $4000 $2000 $1500
Professional Category (Men) $3000 $1500 $1000
Professional Category (Women) $3000 $1500 $1000
Semi-Professional Category (Women) $1500 $700 $500
Duets $2500 $1500 $1000
Amateur Category (Women) $1000 $500 $300
Junior Category $1000 $500 $300
Special prize from Dance Studio MooN $500
5. Staging Area
  • 2 poles (static and spinning) diameter 42mm, height 4m.
  • 2Distance between poles 3,5m.
  • 22m to the end of the stage.
If facing towards the stage, the left pole is static.
6. Contestant Qualifications
Contestant is a person who meets the following conditions:
  • On the day of registration contestant has to be 18 years old
  • Contestant, regardless of nationality, needs to have valid id document (Passport, residents card, id card, etc.) And health insurance valid through out all competition.
  • Each contestant should know the rules and regulations of the competition.
  • Before and during the time of the Competition contestants are not allowed to:
    • Drink alcohol*
    • Take/use any substance that change mind consciousness*
    • Take/use any forbidden stimulants, such as steroids, etc.*
*Any aberration of this rule will immediately disqualify the contestant

On the day of the Competition the contestants have to provide the Organizers, at registry desk, with music of choice recorded on CD (only one music piece per CD). CDs must be signed with a name and surname or nickname if the contestant plans to use such.

We do not accept USB/Flash or any other storage devices.

7. Contestant Enrollment

The competition is open to contestants of all nationalities as well as dance schools, studios, organizations representatives and any other private representatives.

8. Scoring

The finalists will be scored in accordance with SCORING CARD

Scoring Card PoleArt 2016:

Name and Surname of Judge

Name and Surname of contestant

Artistic Section Max. points Points
Stage Character Interpretation
(originality in interpretation of stage character, idea or storyline)
10 points
(matching costume character appearances and idea)
10 points
Emotional Expression
(the involvement of the audience in the performance.
The emotionality of the artist. Work with the audience)
10 points
(getting into the rhythm of a musical composition, accents)
10 points
Total: 40 points
Technical Section Max. points Points
Clean Execution
(toes, knees, logic transitions)
10 points
Choreography 10 points
Dynamics / Strength on the pole
(dynamic execution of tricks and performing power tricks on the pole)
10 points
Lines & flexibility on the pole
(the Implementation of elements on the pole reveal flexibility and plasticity)
10 points
Total: 40 points
Penalties Max. points Points
Problems with costume -5 points
Falls & Slipping off -5 points
Moves with sexual meaning -5 points
Total: -15 points
9. Judges & Judging
  • Judges will judge contestants from 1-10 points (average is divided by amount of judges).
  • The contestant with the highest number of points will win followed by 2nd and 3rd place.
  • Judges can stop the performance at any time if they think the contestant is at health risk or is having safety problems, or if the contestant doesn't obey the rules.
  • Judges aren't obliged to comment on the marks they give to the contestant. Judges make the final decision.
  • The winners will be announced 30 minutes after final's end.
10. Jury Fraternization

Before the Competition and during the Competition it s not allowed for contestants to remain in any contact with Members of Jury. In case of any hesitation the contestants must contact the Organizers or person assigned by Organizer to stay in contact with contestants.

11. Costume & Performance Regulations
  • Every costume is individual, however, topless underwear such as thong or any erotic lingerie is forbidden, men are allowed to show naked upper body.
  • During the performance it is allowed to have following footwear: ballet shoes, jazz shoes, sport shoes, gymnastics footwear, nothing, high heel shoes if they are not danger to contestant/contestants and /or public and jury.
  • During the performances it is not allowed to take off any clothes if by taking off contestant will show any form of not suitable nudity. It is however allowed to take off parts of costume such as: coat, mask, jacket, skirt, if after taking them off the contestant will remain properly dressed and it is allowed for man to have naked upper body. Any kind of not suitable nudity (showing breast or intimate body parts) will immediately disqualify the contestant.
  • No touching or rubbing intimate body parts.
  • Latex isn't allowed to be used in the costume.
  • No gloves, thongs & boots.
  • Hair and accessories shouldn't bother the performance.
  • Bio tattoos; henna tattoos, bodyart, makeup is allowed as long as it doesn't dirty other contestants, area and poles.
  • Not allowed to use liquids, fire, needles, etc.
Disqualification will follow if any of the above rules are ignored
12. Allowed / Forbidden Products
During the Competition the contestants are not allowed to:

Use any king of body balms or lotions that can destroy the equipment (poles) or can make the poles slippery for other contestants' use.

The following products are acceptable in order to have stronger grip and not to slip or slide:
  • Mighty Grip
  • Itac 2
  • Dry Hands
  • Chalk
  • Liquid chalk
  • Talc
  • Liquid talc
13. Music

Music can be with or without words. For a Solo act, music shouldn't be more than 4 minutes. If any of the contestants choose the same music composition, contestant who sent in the application first, gets the privilege of performing it.

The musical composition for the Duets category can be up to 5 minutes long.

14. Additional Attempts

The presentation/performance cannot be repeated if it will be stopped by contestant during second half of the presentation without a serious reason.

The presentation/performance can be repeated if:
  • any technical problems occurred not caused by the contestant/s
  • any technical problems with music occurred
  • the contestant/s during the first half of his/her presentation/performance stopped presentation, because of technical problems with the poles not caused by him/her

Jury takes the final decision regarding the repetition of the presentation/performance and the Jury's decision cannot be revoked.

15. Required Documents

The contestants will be obliged to sign certain documents at registry desk, such as permission to use their image/effigy in all media and/or for promotional purposes in range as Organizer sees it fit, yet in regard of the good name of every contestant.

Procedure and list of documents:

  • Copy of passport of the contestant, regardless of nationality, needs to have valid id document (Passport, residents card, id card, etc.) and health insurance valid through out all competition.
  • Participants agreement
  • 1. Submit the application form to receive a welcome letter
  • 2. Fill and sign all pages of the participation agreement (digital or for print); send the scanned copy to manager@poleart.com
  • 3. Proceed with a payment fee. Specify in payment function your initials and email address.
  • 4. Send the link pointing to the video of the participant
  • 5. Send the music track of the performance to manager@poleart.com
    • Write letters of the title "MUSIC, your initials Latin letters"
    • Good quality, mp3 format
    • The name of the file-music track ((mention whether the music track is changed from the original version: mix,
    • shortened version, etc), separated by commas write: category, song title, duration.

Example: Ivan Ivanov, pro men, Michael Jackson, 4min.mp3
Otherwise, the music composition is not entered.

16. Admission Fees

The contestants of all categories except the duets category will have to pay the fee of €100 upon registration. The duets category fee is €150.

The payment includes:
  • The Participants fee
  • The lunches during the competition (26th and 27th of October 2016)
  • One ticket to zone 1 on the Gala Show.

The contestants may bring one additional person to help with preparations (coach, makeup artist, etc.)

In case the participant is planning to bring an additional person to the contest, he/she must forward the name of the person to the organizers' e-mail: manager@poleart.com

If for whatever reason your application is not approved, the application fee of €100 (€150 for Duets Category) will be fully refunded into your account.

17. Reserved Rights
Organizers have the right to:
  • To record the championship and have all the rights to distribute the material.
  • To eliminate videos or photographs which are not suitable as a material.
  • The organizers reserve right to change rules & regulations of PoleArt at any time.
  • The organizers are obliged to give judges and press special places in the theatre.
  • Organizers don't take responsibility for the loss of things of the contestants on the day of the competition.
  • The Organizer reserve the right to grant special prizes as they see it fit.
18. Application Deadline

Due to the huge flow of applications, the acceptance of profiles for the PRO WOMEN and SEMI-PRO categories will end on August, the 23rd, at 00:00.

Deadline of sending the applications is September 15th, 2016.

19. Performance Number

The number of each contestant's performance will be drawn. Organizers will let the contestants know what number their performance will be no later than 24 hours before the competition.

20. Rehearsal

After the registration on the 25th of October, the contestants will be able to take part in the general rehearsal at Monte Caputo, Amathus Avenue.

21. Performers for the Gala show

Performers for the closing gala show will be chosen by the organizers. Please, note that winning the competition does not guarantee the participation in the final Gala Show.

The Gala Show will take place on the 28th of October at 20:00p.m in Monte Caputo.

22. Travel Tips

In order to make your experience more comfortable we have listed below the closest hotels to the venue as well as a list of bus routes and other transport options you can use depending on your preferences.

* None of the below listed hotels and transport services are in any way affiliated with PoleArt or Dance Studio Moon.

Airport Shuttle Bus Price: €8
Paphos airport to Limassol / Limassol to Paphos airport
Larnaca airport to Limassol / Limassol to Larnaca airport
Airport Travel Express Price: €10
Taxi Services

Once you have arrived in Limassol you will be able to use taxi services supplied by George's Taxi Office who have generously given us a special price of €10 per trip to and from anywhere in the city of Limassol.

For more information or to book a taxi, please call:
George: 99 633 103

Public Bus Services

Dance Studio Moon is situated in an area that is easily accessible to the main bus routes. You will be able to take the #13 Bus from Kolonakiou Street to the sea front road where you will be able to change to the #30 that will take you to your hotel area.

Bus Schedule:
Bus #13 View | Bus #30 View