Date Type of training Level Mins Price per person Time

Aerial Pole
Take your pole practice to great heights! This class will encourage you to challenge gravity and keep your feet off the ground. Train like the pros and push yourself to get to the top. We will work on transitions from moves you already know and get creative while working out new ones. Combos for intermediate-advanced students. Take home the best methods for how to spend your limited training time to get the maximum benefit. Get better, stronger…faster.

intermediate / advanced 60 85 EUR 11:00

Pole Style
Turn all those things you have learned and want to learn into a statement. What would you like to say? How would you like to say it? Take a “trick” and turn it into a “movement”. You name it and we will do it. We will create a custom pole choreography with all your favorite moves and perform it in two different styles… dynamic and flow. Fast and slow. Be pretty and unpredictable. This workshop is for the advanced and/or adventurous.

Advanced and / or adventurous 60 85 EUR 13:00

Private classes:

Private Lessons.
3 or more persons / 1 hour / per person

60 150 EUR

Exclusive Private Lessons
(Advanced students). 1 person only / 1 hour

60 250 EUR

You can also order individual sessions with any of the judges.
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